About Us

Meet Giant and DonkeyThis is Giant and Donkey.

Seven years ago, pure bottled juices were hard to come by, and the market was mostly swamped with unhealthy sugar laden drinks. That was when, two high school friends – Giant & Donkey, decided to venture into the unknown world of producing juices. That was when Smooshie Juice was born. Smooshie Juices are made purely from 100% fruit and vegetable, with nothing artificial added – no preservatives, sugar, flavouring or concentrates.

Being a purely Malaysian brand, we believe in showcasing as many local produce as possible. We have a myriad of delicious and nutritious fruits right in our own backyard. Our passionfruits come from a farm in Negeri Sembilan, and our delicious dragonfruits are sourced from an organic farm in Tampin, Melaka. We even have a mini potted garden where we grow our own mint using compost made from our own fruit waste!

7 years on, the health awareness in our country has certainly grown but our aim remains the same, to make pure healthy juices available and affordable to as many people as possible. If you believe in our vision, or simply love our juices give us a call at the following numbers: 0124068211 or 0124208090.